Jason Prickett

Full Stack Developer

Hi, I’m Jason! I create cool stuff for the web. I can handle every step of the process from design to integration.

Here are some personal projects that I’ve designed and/or developed in my spare time:

This Website

In an effort to showcase my skills, and share my knowledge, I created this portfolio/blog site. The entire platform is a Next.js static site generated at build time by pulling data in from a strapi instance running on AWS EC2. The site is automatically built when the frontend code is updated, or when strapi content is updated or created. The built static site is automatically deployed to another EC2 instance running Apache and Nginx. Code is available upon request.

Technologies used


I’ve been making cool stuff in my spare time since I created my first HTML page with notepad in 2001. I’ve been making cool stuff professionally for 6 years.

I hold a core belief that knowledge should be shared and I bring that belief with me, wherever I go. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and mentoring.

I have a blog that I created in support of this core belief. Here are some of my latest blog posts:

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I also have hobbies outside of development, and enjoy design, music production, photography, hot sauce making, and growing peppers.

Think we should work together? Wanna know more about me or my work? Reach out!